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Establishment of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IEC) is part of the vision and perspective Plan of National Science &Technology Innovation Policy 2012 of Pakistan including the province of Sindh and would be functioning independently under disposal of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro. The provision for this project has been proposed by Education & Literacy Department in the ADP 2012 – 2013 of Govt. of Sindh with following objectives:

  • To promote scientific and technological research & development
  • To develop skills of innovation and entrepreneurship among students and employees of MUET, so that they can start their own businesses
  • To promote innovation and development of indigenous technologies for new products, processes or improvement of the existing ones and introduce them to promote entrepreneurship and business through start-ups
  • To help potential entrepreneurs such as students, graduates, faculty of Mehran University of Engineering & Technology in particular and other institutions, industry and general public to incubate their technology based and other innovative start-up companies
  • To provide support to departments, Institutes and Centers of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology for patenting their R&D work and protection of Intellectual Property rights
  • To provide marketing facilities to MUET entrepreneurs

  • To Liaison with private/public sector enterprises and funding sources like government agencies, industrial associations, chambers and Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) to provide facilitation and networking for incubation of startup companies and to develop “Triple Helix Relationship” among the university academia, private/public sector enterprises and government agencies for promoting local and regional socio-economic development

    IEC MUET challenges align with UN SDGs

    With a decade of impact, the IEC MUET has crafted challenges and helped
    launch startups that actively solve UN SDGs.

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