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IEC is part of the vision and perspective Plan of National Science &Technology Innovation Policy 2012

We challenge young people to solve the worlds toughest issues by empowering them to make money, do good and make life better for millions of people through the creation of for good for profit businesses.

Through leveraging human capital, knowledge and the crowd like never before, the IEC MUET has helped launch social enterprises that share the common facets:

  • Serve the least fortunate
  • Tackle humanity’s greatest challenge
  • Pursue revenue and sustainability
  • Use existing channels
  • Create a market efficiency
  • Pursue large, untapped markets










  • Let me welcome you to Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (IEC), one of the important milestones Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET),
    Jamshoro has achieved to establish for promoting innovation & entrepreneurship among its students.
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    Prof. Dr. Mohammad Aslam Uqaili
  • Mehran University of Engineering and Technology has laid down successful milestones of continuous improvements in practically every aspect of its governance, infrastructure, curriculum, staff strength and quality of instructions and research and technological development.
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    Prof.Dr. SM Qureshi MD(Hon)
  • Behavior change is one of the foremost factors to manage a new challenge. Concept of entrepreneurship in technology is one of the new concepts in our society which is still in its adolescent stage. It will take time to get absorb in the mind of community particularly students and their parents as job seeking culture is deeply rooted Read More

    Dr. Zulifqar Ali - Manager
  • The Golden Age for women entrepreneurs has finally begun.
    Empowering womens is a essential tool for any society to success, which Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center, mehran university of engineering and technology doing in great way.

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    Malala Yousafzai
  • I am very thankfull to dr uqaili and dr zulfiqar of mehran university of engineering and technology, only university from pakistan celebrating GEW. Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), an event that aims to “inspire and empower” the next generation of entrepreneurs.
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    Jonathan Ortmans-President GEN



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