Prof. Dr. Mohammad Aslam Uqaili

Vice Chancellor

Let me welcome you to Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (IEC), one of the important milestones Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Jamshoro has achieved to establish for promoting innovation & entrepreneurship among its students. I am delighted that the quality of our graduates is already recognized by the employers in public as well as private sector, who offer jobs to our students even before the announcement of the results. Our alumni are contributing in their professions and have earned senior positions in public & private sector nationally and internationally. But in changing global economic scenario, traditional avenues of employment have been saturated. The rules for national economic growth and wealth creation are undergoing major revisions. Knowledge and entrepreneurship have appeared as the most important resource for growth and national prosperity.

MUET has given a new mission to its students and faculty to accept this challenge and put their efforts to introduce innovation in existing products, customize their research with the need of the industry& society and commercialize it. We can only meet the challenges of this century and can be on the path of sustainable economic growth through innovation and entrepreneurship spirit.

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MUET has established Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centerto foster techno-innovation and entrepreneurship and provide advisory and support services for its mentioned purpose. Besides its students and faculty, IEC hasexpanded its mission and also encircle civil society and community to incubate their technology based and other innovative initiatives and start-up companies here.

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Dr. Zulfiqar Ali

Behavior change is one of the foremost factors to manage a new challenge. Concept of entrepreneurship in technology is one of the new concepts in our society which is still in its adolescent stage. It will take time to get absorb in the mind of community particularly students and their parents as job seeking culture is deeply rooted in our culture.










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